CBCT Services

iMagDent is your personal Virtual Treatment Plan Coordinator and digital dental laboratory rolled up into one! We provide all necessary services for computer guided implantology…in one single site with one single vendor!

iMagDent connects you to a team of highly trained “Case Partners” that seamlessly provide the following services:

Custom-crafted Radiographic Prosthesis

iMagDent can fabricate a custom Radiographic Prosthesis for any type of case and for any implant planning software. Based on your software and clinical needs, iMagDent will create the ideal radiographic prosthesis for that exact scenario.

iMagDent's lab partners have all been through extensive training in order that they may provide the most accurate and most diagnostically useful Radiographic Prosthesis.

To help keep costs to a minimum, iMagDent has contracted special discounted pricing based on the amount of radio opaque teeth needed. Implant Concierge delivers the best (CB)CT services & products at the best price for you!

Board Certified Radiologist Interpretations

iMagDent has partnered with one of the world's finest Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (OMR) departments, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - Dental Diagnostic Services. You can assure that some of the world's most respected OMR's will be interpreting your CBCT digital volume tomography (DVT). iMagDent provides the best (CB)CT services & products at the best price for you!

iMagDent's radiology services include:

  • Interpretations provided by a board certified OMR radiologist including general pathology and incidental findings of entire DVT
  • 48 hour turn around
  • Thorough analysis of anatomical structures with correlating 3D images
  • Report delivery directly to the iMagDent website for fast and easy reference

Click on the links below to see sample radiology interpretations that changed real outcomes for real patients. Sample Implant Report Sample Pathology Report Sample TMJ Report

DICOM Conversion Services

iMagDent will convert your DICOM data and prepare the case for treatment planning based on an initial treatment plan. During this DICOM conversion, iMagDent's trained technicians will remove scatter and artifacts, orient the patient positioning, segment and mask structures of interest for a simple, single price per case, not per arch.

Any case can be modeled into 3D software to create the most powerful diagnostic and case presentation images available. iMagDent offers all of the latest 3D rendering software programs to produce the best image at the best price! We can even provide virtual 3D orthodontic study models. Just let us know what you need and we will provide it for you.

Please note - Most implant planning software programs require the purchase of additional software modules that are needed to convert the DICOM data set from the CBCT x-ray before you read the images into your software. These extra steps can be time-consuming, technique sensitive and are required before you can start treatment planning a case. The cost for DICOM conversion modules range from zero to $45,000 depending on which implant planning software you plan on using.

Online Treatment Planning Sessions

iMagDent will create an initial treatment plan based on your recommendations and will then schedule an online meeting to finalize the treatment plan based on your exact specifications.

Online meetings are fast and easy and we work around your schedule. iMagDent will provide a link and access code that will give you direct access to one of our expert technicians. Feel free to include the entire dental team! We can host as many participants as you would like to have involved during the treatment planning session.

There are many advantages of using a highly trained iMagDent technician for online treatment planning assistance:

  • Free, web-based software is provided
  • No need to purchase expensive treatment planning software
  • No expensive on-going annual maintenance contracts
  • No wasted chair time or evening hours treatment planning on software
  • Save hours of time from learning and mastering software
  • Have access to different software options offered by iMagDent
  • Tap into years of experience and efficiencies from iMagDent technicians

Computer-Assisted Manufactured Surgical Guides

Upon completion of a successful online treatment planning session, iMagDent will process and fast track your order for a computer-generated surgical guide. The use of surgical guides is gaining popularity due to the many advantages for surgical and restorative outcomes. Computer-assisted manufactured surgical guides provide drilling sleeves that accurately guide your twist drills into the exact MD and BL orientation. Some systems allow you to plan the exact depth. iMagDent provides many surgical guide options. If you are not sure which surgical guide is best for your specific case, contact us to discuss the case plan. iMagDent can provide the best solution for your specific patient and implant system needs!

Provisional Restorations for Day of Surgery

If you ordered a surgical guide through iMagDent, provisionals can be fabricated ready at time of surgery! iMagDent's lab partners have all been through extensive training to provide the most accurate and aesthetically pleasing provisionals.

To help keep costs to a minimum, iMagDent has contracted special discounted pricing. iMagDent provides the best CBCT services & products at the best price for you!

How can iMagDent fabricate accurate provisionals before surgery? By combining iMagDent's online treatment planning assistance, computer-assisted manufactured surgical guides, and traditional dental laboratory procedures, implant placement can be simulated in the dental laboratory. Provisionals will be "cored-out" allowing a quick chair-side pick-up to accommodate slight variables in depth and direction of the implant placement. iMagDent can deliver a computer-assisted manufactured surgical guide, abutments and provisionals ready for surgery!

Note: Procera's Nobel Guide, Astra's Facilitate, 3i's Navigate or Materialise's Safe System allow the creation of provisionals that are precise and DO NOT require chair-side pick-up.