3D & 2D Orthodontic Records

iMD 3D Orthodontic Records Package

Includes Invivo Virtual Models, Pan/Ceph with Tracing, Digital Photos with 3D Overlay, and 24 Hour Online Record Access

Imagine creating a perfect model of your patient's teeth with a single scan -- without the mess and storage problems of actual, physical impressions. The future of orthodontics is here!

  • NO impressions
  • NO plaster models
  • NO lab bills
  • NO storage fees

Click here to view a short movie about Anatomage.

2D Orthodontic Records

  • Invisalign Records
    Includes Pan, Digital Photos, and PVS Impressions
  • 2D Orthodontic Records Package
    Includes Alginate Impressions, Study Models, Bite Registration, Digital Photos, Pan, Ceph, & Ceph Analysis
  • Panoramic
  • Intra/Extra Oral Photos
  • Lateral Cephalometric
  • Ceph Analysis Tracing