CBCT Scan Packages


CBCT is a digital x-ray scanner specifically designed for scanning the head and jaw. The iCAT machine is the most cutting edge three dimensional dental imaging system available and it allows you to accurately diagnose and treat your patient.

This one scan provides you with significantly more information about your patient's anatomy and bone structure. This allows you to customize a treatment plan just for them and give them personalized care.

The CBCT scanner is fast, comfortable (nothing goes in the mouth), and painless. It provides a complete set of images with 95% less radiation than conventional CAT scans or dental scans.

iMagDent CBCT Scan Packages

  • iMD Viewing Software & DICOM
    Includes a single arch or dual arch scan which can be diagnosed with free viewing software. This is the most economical CBCT scan package allowing you to create your own reports and make your own measurements.
  • Cross Sectional Print Outs with Viewing Software
    Includes a single or dual arch scan along with customized print outs that include the region of interest and panoramic that are printed in a 1:1 format. This package is very popular for offices that want a fast and easy diagnostic tool and includes the free viewing software.
  • Additional CBCT Scan Services
    "A la carte" selections allow an office to customize any CBCT scan package with iMagDent's industry leading CBCT services.

    • Virtual Implant Treatment Planning
      iMagDent will create 3D implant treatment plans and will meet with you to allow you to incorporate computer guided surgery into your office. No need for expensive software or technical expertise, iMagDent provides a full service menu for your computer guided implant needs allowing you to provide the most accurate and minimally invasive implant surgeries.
    • 3D Rendering Movie
      3D movies are excellent educational and diagnostic tools and are mostly used in impaction and pathology cases.
    • Radiology Interpretations
      iMagDent has partnered with one of the world's finest Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology (OMR) departments, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - Dental Diagnostic Services.
      • Interpretations provided by a Board Certified OMR Radiologist including general pathology and incidental findings of entire data set
      • 48 hour turnaround
      • Thorough analysis of anatomical structures with correlating 3D images
      • Report delivery directly to your patient's Implant Concierge web page for fast and easy reference
      • Click here to view a sample Radiology Interpretation.