Cone Beam CT Scan Pacakges

CBCT Scan (includes Viewing Software & DICOM)

Includes scan of both arches which can be diagnosed with free viewing software. This is the most economical CBCT scan package allowing you to create your own reports and make your own measurements.

CBCT TMJ Series (includes Viewing Software & DICOM)

Includes scan of both condyles in the Open & Closed position. This is used to perform analysis of the temporomandibular joint and fossa-condyle relationship in 3D.

Additional Cone Beam CT Services

Cross Sectional Print Outs

Includes CBCT scan along with customized print outs that include the region of interest and panoramic x-ray that are printed in a 1:1 format. This package is very popular for offices that want a fast and easy diagnostic tool and includes the free viewing software.

Airway Analysis

Includes scan of both arches. This is used to precisely locate and measure obstructions in airway and other anatomical structures. This service is popular in conjunction with our CBCT TMJ Series.

Radiologist Interpretation

Interpretations are provided by Board Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologists and give a comprehensive written report the entire volume of data. This service is popular with those who want to Improve patient's case outcome and get an expert’s verdict on: Implant Measurements, Airway obstruction, Nerve Identification, Sinus & TMJ evaluations.

3D Rendering Movie

A 3D virtual movie of the area of interest. This service is popular for those who are wanting an excellent educational and diagnostic tool for patients.

Digital Impressions for Surgical Guide Production

With the use of an Intraoral Scanner, we are able to capture a 3D digital scan of the patient’s teeth and bite to create a CAD/CAM 3D printed surgical guide.

Virtual Implant Planning

We have partnered with Implant Concierge, who will create an initial treatment plan based on your recommendations and schedule an online meeting to finalize the plan to your exact specifications.

Orthodontic Packages & Services

Orthodontic Records

Includes a panoramic X-Ray, lateral cephalometric, cephalometric analysis tracing with measurements, composite 8 photos and digital diagnostic casts.

Clear Aligner Records (Invisalign, Clear Correct, etc.)

Includes a panoramic X-Ray, composite 8 photos & digital impressions with bite registration.

Clear Aligner Digital Impressions Only (Invisalign, Clear Correct, etc.)

Includes 3D digital scan of both arches & bite registration.

Digital Diagnostic Casts

Includes 3D digital scan of both arches & bite registration that have a low-profile base.


Overview image of upper and lower jaws, erupted and impacted teeth, TMJ and sinuses.


Shows bone and soft tissues of the head to evaluate jaw growth and spatial relationships of the upper and lower jaws as well as spine.

Cephalometric Analysis Tracing & Measurements

A digital analysis of the dental and skeletal relationship.

Carpal Wrist

X-Ray of the wrist to determine bone age.

Orthodontic Photos

Composite 8 of facial and intraoral photographs.

Virtual Treatment Planning (VIP)

Online Implant Treatment Planning

iMagDent has partnered with Implant Concierge™ who will create an initial treatment plan based on your recommendations and will then schedule an online meeting to finalize the treatment plan based on your exact specifications. This will allow you to incorporate computer guided surgery into your office.

Implant Concierge